Friday, 14 August 2009

Dangerous Passion by Lisa Marie Rice

Unlike the heroine, I am a fairly standard 21st century female. Not particularly beautiful..not particularly kind. But even ordinary me would have serious serious reservations about starting a relationship with a guy who I had witnessed snaping the necks of 4 males. No matter how much cash the guy could command. But then again, I live in the real world.

The story is ok. But it cannot be compared to the 'masterworks' that are Dangerous Lover, Dangerous Secrets or even Woman on the Run.

The simple reason is the length of this novel. It seems incredibly short. Little more than an erotic e-novel. Where neither the situation nor the characters are much developed. And how weird is it that Viktor chooses the name Victoria for Grace. Where did Grace's crazy dream come from? I think an editor left half the story on the publisher's floor.

The novel is also full of Russkies. Whose fascination seems to have passed me by. Viktor is one those 'bad guys' who seems to leave a lot of traitors alive. Both Shota and Andrew should have been dealt with harshly. There is quite a good voyeurism scene though.

Grace doesn't really seem to have a mind of her own. Other than 'Yes Victor', 'Thank you Victor.' She is very different from the other 'Dangerous' heroines. Julia bravely agreed to testify against a mob boss, Caroline nursed her brother for many years and Charity bravely chose to put herself in harms way to bring a mike into her admirers mansion. Grace is just a pale shadow compared to the aforementioned marvellous females.

I can't believe I waited 6 months for the book to be published. What's more. The net buzz is that it is basically a rewrite of a previously published work. So why couldn't it have been longer?

tbh it's hardly worth the effort of reading. I can't believe neither Grace nor Victor won't expire of boredom in their tropical paradise after a few years.

A short indifferent review is all this book deserves ...from everyone.