Friday, 20 April 2007

My Only Love My Only Hate by Lucy Gordon

A riches to rags to riches romance with a basketful of little side issues. Marketed as a revenge novel but that's all over and done with in the early chapters. The cover says it all. The heroine Tanis is a ray of giving warmth and optimism in the somewhat bleak life of Giles, a divorced QC in danger of losing access to his young children. Tanis's rather notorious past history also means that Giles must make a tough decision about his future ambitions.(Which could be interpreted as Tanis getting her revenge after all...but that's really going too deep) Unashamedly both Giles and Tanis gain a lot from being together and it is poignant as they drift apart. Thank goodness the parameters of the genre mean that a HEA is compulsory. Quite enthralling at times.

Genre; contemporary romance; movie rating PG13; pre-marital sex.

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