Friday, 29 January 2010


Ok. I admit it. I'm one of those sorry reviewers who actually has to beeyouwhy all the novels they read.

So following recent experiences I'd like to publically ponder on the meaning of 'in stock.'

To me 'in stock' means...The book supplier receives an order (from me) on one day. The next day they package up the book(s). Then the day after that the merchandise gets shipped. Well that's how it used to be.

What 'in stock' does not mean is. T.E.N days after the order has been received the supplier still hasn't shipped the goods. To me. That is 'OUT of stock.' What's more. I don't like suppliers that don't tell the truth about whether a novel is in stock or not.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Looking forward to Loose Ends by Tara Janzen

The full title is Loose Ends: A Steele Street Novel.

So no nonsense about younger heroes and heroines anymore. They were all anonymous anyhow. Though they shouldn't have been because they all had good connections to 738. But that's what happens when you let a 'crit-club' write your novels for you.

Actually. I Can't Wait for this story. Although obviously, I'm going to have to seeing how it isn't published until August 2010!!! And then I'll cry. Because there is no doubt (in my mind anyway) that this will really be the last Steele Street novel. An excerpt is up on the authors website. J T staking out 738 to get Scout back. Plus being set up for his own obligatory romance. Cherie Hacker is around again. At one point I was sure she was being set up for a romance with Gabriel, Red Dog's brother.

I've been re-reading my absolute faves. Crazy Cool (probably the most sensuous romance I've ever read), Love and Sweet. All of which feature the totally weird relationship between Dylan and Skeeter. I love them both. And Supes and Katya. I'm thinking of going on a fanfiction site to rewrite Sweet. Basically having Royce going down a lot harder. With Dylan doing the damage. Royce got off too easy for all the pain he caused Dylan and Gillian. But I probably won't do that because I'm a person who enjoys reading a lot more than writing.

The real difference between the Loose series and the Steele series is that the latter had 'the starts of the major romances in one novel that was finished in another novel, 'a la Suzanne Brockman.' Nothing like that happened in the Loose series. A feature of both series was that a lot of time was supposedly spent inside the hero's head...with him usually obsessing about the heroine. People might say 'That's a girl writer pretending to know how a guy thinks for girl readers. Hur hur.' But I've decided it doesn't matter. From a reality point of view. I love my romances to be all about the 'shadows on a cave wall.' And Steele Street is stellar cave wall stuff.

6 Steele Street novels were turned out in about 2 years. So why recently are we faithful followers just getting one novel annually? I reckon the author is writing other books under a different name. Does anyone out there have a clue what the new pseudonym is?

Yours eternally grateful.....