Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Woman On The Run by Lisa Marie Rice

Well this is interesting. On page after page the main couple Get Down To It with hardly a word between them. Because, actually, that is how the hero is written, uncommunicative. So the suspense plot is absolutely vital to the progression of the relationship. This is the first novel I have read where that is the case. Usually the suspense element of the plot turns out only to be a page filler that gets in the way of the portrayal of the main romance.

The story shows its e-book roots in that it is a very simple tale of love. Between two quite sophisticated people as it happens. Maybe I'm too sensitive but I thought it pretty horrible how close to death the heroine actually gets. Unusually only the missionary position is explored by the main couple and as always, size matters.

The other theme; how to transform a dying small town into a vibrant growing community. Heartwarming stuff I'm sure. The ending was total sweet corn. I just about refrained from puking.

I like romances that feature the hero or heroine being kind to mistreated animals.

Again. recommended.

.....and then I remembered how much I was charged for this paperback. Man! It is seriously overpriced for what it is. It isn't even HOT (much).

Ooooo!! I have just discovered that this is basically a re-write of a book called Pursued written by Elizabeth Jennings. Honestly! Authors are such tricky little beasts.

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