Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Feral by Nathalie Gray

Another e-book. Rated e-rotic. Which means it’s supposed to be hot hot hot. But actually I ended up thinking ‘Boy! Some women have to work hard for one simple orgasm.’

Science fiction is not a genre which particularly appeals to me. And this story is totally derivative. Think of a million episodes of Star Trek. And I mean the 70s schtick. What’s more. By the end of this story I was more interested in the secondary characters, Liberty and Cupcake than the main couple Dex and Eva. Not hard when both the hero and heroine have no loyalties, looks or purpose in life. Even Dragana, with her pointless causes and easily roused hatred was more interesting.

I was unimpressed by the circumstances that caused Dex to change form over three times in the story. He’s supposed to change into this big killer lycan only under extreme stressful conditions but towards the end all Eva had to do was give him a smouldering look for it to bring out the big bad wolf in him. How predictable.

This is the first romance I’ve read where the heroine gives the hero some anal teasing. Definitely the first romance where the heroine has unashamedly undegone numerous cosmetic procedures. And the relationship between Eva and Dex was perfectly acceptable and believable. It almost worked how they began to feel genuine emotion for each other. Well. That’s what I thought.

The plot, such as it is, goes nowhere special. Despite all that. I'm quite tempted to read the follow-ups. Primal (which seems to be Liberty's and Cupcake's story) and Carnal (which ventures into Breed territory). To say nothing of the author's vampire story, DamNation. Maybe a couple of her werewolf stories, Wolfsbane and Bains Wolf too. tee hee. She's sort of Lora Leigh hot but without all the offensive male domination, female doormat baggage. I like the length of this novel. 142 pages. I totally object to reading a 400+ page romance only to conclude that I hated everything about it. (ie Harmony's Way, Lover Unbound)

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