Sunday, 13 April 2008

Midnight Angel by Lisa Marie Rice

You know. I find it amazing how romance novels from minority publishers are able to address stimulating social issues in an entertaining manner in addition to including the obligatory hot hot earthy nookie.

Anyway. Midnight Angel. It's all about how big ugly Douglas and blind Allegra find true love. In the blink of an eye basically. Seeing how it's an Elloras Cave print novel. There's also a cracking good secondary plot about Allegra being stalked by a low-life killer on the orders of an imprisoned high-life killer.

The big let-down is that the psychological tension is built up very effectively but then the whole situation is resolved much too quickly. In the space of one chapter...because the author ran out of pages....because she spent too much time on the hot hot nookie between big Douglas and blind Allegra...and forgot about the suspense plot. Maybe a decent editor would have helped. On the other hand. Midnight Angel is a romance. So maybe that's the only plot that needed to be completed properly.

Not for one minute did I believe that the main couple have a long-lasting HEA. So much effort was put into depicting Douglas's ugliness. Allegra's gratitude will only last so long. Then it's 'Goodbye Douglas.' Poor man. One broken heart coming up.

The story also touches upon issues like what happens when a girl says 'No' to the men in her life. OMG. The author dares to talk about the political affiliations of the hero. I liked that. Then there's all that alpha, red, 3 o'clock stuff which I didn't understand but enjoyed reading through. Also the main couple have shared interests that bind them. Music, good food.

However. The heroine does unfortunately express some quite intolerant views about her blindness. No excuse. Seeing how she is probably not a Republican! tee hee. Plus Allegra hasn't even begun to feel any guilt about her part in the father's murder. Did she really have no idea that Corey was a psycho waiting to happen? Of course she did. That's why she asked her Pop to go with her to the contract-breaking meeting with Corey. Really another 2 or 3 chapters minimum should have been written in to make the novel a Stephen King-like tome.

Wow! That would have made a magnificent read. And successful too. I'm sure.

The character of Allegra is A Million Times Better than the Vile Dylan from Midnight Rising. Although in the interests of fairness I feel obliged to add both Allegra and Douglas are thoroughly amoral. Allegra because she fakes orgasms (understandable), fakes attraction (why?) and blatantly lies to Douglas about his looks (Acne scars are not 'beautiful.') Douglas because he contracts someone to kill Corey in jail.

A good hot stimulating read for anyone with more than basic education.

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