Sunday, 13 April 2008

Demon's Kiss by Eve Silver

Childish poop.

Another trailer-park romance with a no-life, no money heroine going gaga over the hero's wealth. Cripes! She's 28-years old with no friends and working in a flea-pit motel. Of course. She's also a medical student. But then again. Aren't we all? (hur, hur)

There's a hilarious scene where the heroine is attacked by a demon. She feels about on the floor for some kind of weapon and finds...a thumbtack!!! So wtf is the point of the scene?? Seeing how the thumbtack doesn't even get used.

I strongly suspected the high poop factor from the names of the hero and his friends. Ciarran, Darqun and Javier. I bet 90% of the readers (including me) don't even know how to say Ciarran.

In the end I couldn't finish the novel. Mainly because of the character of the heroine. I admit to having had a fantasy when I was young. For about 2 days while I got used to a new school. That I was secretly 'very special' and that one day a rich handsome popstar guy would fall in love with me and whisk me away from my humdrum life. And this novel is that fantasy brought to life. Except that I would not have been as cloyingly, embarassingly grateful as the cringe-making 28-yo heroine, Clea, of this novel. And the hero is not a popstar but a sweet biker guy with dark shades; a fantastic motorbike; who probably practises a lop-sided grin daily in front of a mirror in order to look mean.

Clea obviously has so little going on in her life. Apart from grief at her grandmother's death. She can't even afford a nice cup of coffee. She gushes pathetically when the hero buys her three types of the frothy brew. Sometimes I got the impression that Ciarran with his fake fawning over the very ordinary Clea read more like a psychotic episode she was experiencing. A total delusion. Signifying 'special' mental health problems. Because the poor dear was in need of some positive strokes.

I felt sorry for her.

Also. Why is the novel called Demon's Kiss? The hero is a Sorcerer. The demons are ugly animal type creatures. I doubt if the heroine ever kisses one of them. Unless maybe they are also rich.


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