Sunday, 22 April 2007

Try To Remember by Vanessa James

This story is almost a carbon copy of but at the same time completely different from The Devils Advocate written by the same author. This is what happened in the days before sequels became de rigeur. Personally I could read versions of the basic outline forever and a day. Which is two people mending a broken marriage where no adultery is involved.

Ms James utilises her two most effective devices here. The heroine with (selective) amnesia. And the thoroughly evil manipulative relatives. In my opinion American romance writers cannot do evil relatives. I mean. The heroine forgets about the man she loved, the fact that he married her and the baby she lost. For what? To live as a moonling companion to a malicious step-father. The entire plot hinges on the serendipitous death of the step-father. And if that hadn't happened neither Isobel nor Eliot would have found happiness together again. I just wanted to shake the pair of them.

Strictly speaking this story involves TWO doormats. Isobel and Eliot are abominably abused and lead by the nose by their jealous relatives. Both of them are supposed to be intelligent people. Eliot was a lawyer. Pardon me. But when a man marries, he becomes the legal guardian of his wife doesnt he? So why does Eliot allow the step-father to refuse him access to Isobel when she is injured in the car accident? Why does he get himself banged-up on a trumped up charge? Because he's a masochist who loves being a martyr. Thats why.

That Bobbi. What a bitch. That Edmund. What a perv. And let me just explain the 2 sets of parents relationships to each other. Hang on, I don't think I can.

Some readers may ask 'Is Isobel TSTL?' And 'Is Eliot a complete nutcase?' Personally I do not care. Their faults humanise them.

Brilliant story. Beautiful ending.

Genre; contemporary romance. movie rating PG 13; substantial blurring of sexual boundaries with families, porn photos.

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