Friday, 20 April 2007

Dance with the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I was quite surprised by how teary I became whilst reading some of the end chapters. Sniff. The problem with Zarek is that, in this novel, he actually does nothing to deserve his stone reputation or how bad the other Death-Hunters treat him. People will say, `Oh, you need to read some of the other novels in the series to find out.' Well, no I shouldn't have to. That information should be in THIS book.

Zarek's supposed to be a mean nasty killer but he saves the mink mommy and gives carvings to orphanages. How come those all-seeing b.o.z.o.s on Olympus don't know these facts? For whatever reason, Zarek seems to love to victimise himself. Although, to quote someone, you'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh out loud at some of the scenes of his suffering. We weren't even told about the act of vengeance he committed when he became a DH. Sadly without an occupation, he'll most likely get bored stiff living with those gods. I got heartily sick of all those black pants and motorvehicle images too. Nice to see a couple in a paranormal treat each other with respect though.

Poor Simi. She learned a hard lesson from Thanatos.

This was my first Death-Hunter novel. It came up on my Amazon recommendations for some reason. I have read quite a few of the series now. What I enjoy about all of them is that there is quite a lot of humour in the stories so I usually end up laughing or smiling as I read through the books. Which makes a nice change for me. I also like the fact that in Dance With the Devil, the hero Zarek actually ends up with a beautiful heroine, Astrid. In many of the other novels the author, for some reason, seems determined to pair the very handsome DHs with absolute dogs.

Genre; vampire romance; movie rating 15; murder, violence, violence to children, sex, profanities, use of knives.

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