Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Lover Awakened v2 by J R Ward

This book is a total scam. It is billed as a paranormal erotic between scary vampire Zsadist and aristocratic Bella. Crap! Of the fifty chapters only about 5 cover the romance.

And who gets married because their girlfriend is pregnant nowadays? That is so 1980s crappy series romance junk! But it happens to the hero and heroine in this novel. Amazing.

Also Zsadist is not the hero! He does not even rescue Bella. He would never have rescued Bella if he’d searched for a million years. Because his methods were useless…he just came across as stupid and violent when he should have been using some brain power (which he doesn’t have anyway). He doesn’t even avenge Bella’s captivity effectively. Zsadist is a weak useless pussy. There is nothing scary about him except his looks. Except that facial disfigurement is not a reason for someone to be seen as frightening in the 21st century. One of many nasty assumptions apparent in this novel.

The person responsible for rescuing Bella is Bella! She is the person who was brave enough to free the captive vampire so that he could tell others of her location. Knowing full well she was placing her life in terrible danger. But that’s just glossed over in the novel. Bella’s also intelligent enough to recognise what Zsadist’s problem is. And she even has to place herself in danger again to rescue Zsadist from Mr O. It’s like the author suddenly decided to make the hero into a weakling just to have a bit more interaction between the main couple. Because oh dear. There’s far too few chapters about them together.

Unfortunately Bella is also a drug-dealer’s sister who lives off the money he makes selling the product. Please don’t tell me she couldn’t see how her brother makes his money. And don’t tell me she also doesn’t know he killed their father. If Bella chooses to remain wilfully ignorant of these facts that’s ok. But it cuts her out of the heroine role.

And Bella’s brother is the subject of a trick the author plays on the reader. For most of the novel he is written about as 2 separate people. So that the reader also remains ignorant of his drug-dealing activities until almost the last chapter. Like the author understands full well that it would diminish the glamour of the wonderful Bella.

What is the remainder of the book about? Well, basically the reader gets a load of inconsequentialities about minor members of the story. And build up for the next novel in the series. All 40 chapters.

Crap. Crap. Well written crap. But I have seen the light and am through being duped. The next novel is the Vishous story. Already I resent that the author had to make him into a pervert in order to extricate him from his friendship with Butch.

Plus. A few comments on the ‘bonding’ phenomenon within the series. Essentially this is a device which takes away sexual choice. The women lose their freedom to say no if a male ‘bonds’ with them. It’s gross. How is this acceptable to modern female readers? They’re probably nearly all in the 16-20 age group. That’s the only explanation. My other theory is that each of the novels in this series is put together and/or written by a committee rather than a single author.

Genre; paranormal erotic; movie rating 18; murder, male and female torture and mutilation, extreme violence, profanities, male rape, pre-marital and oral sex, use of hookers, profound psycho-sexual issues, substance abuse, use of knives.

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