Thursday, 3 July 2008

Dangerous Lover by Lisa Marie Rice

Ace. Ace. Ace. This is a fantastic lovely piece of rude romantic suspense. What's more. The ending is just right. Not too abrupt at all. The heroine gets to show her love and trust. The hero is prepared to sacrifice his life for her safety. Super. Then let's talk about the image of the final action scene. The hero holding his woman in one arm and his weapon in the other. Isn't that just totally iconic? Don't tell me that happened by accident. I absolutely completely appreciate the thought that has gone into producing these stories.

It's official. I am now totally hooked on this author. Even though I've long sinced sussed out her formula. Yet the novels themselves are absolutely wonderful story-telling. One of the many things I love is the way she references contemporary world politics. With none of the dopey sentimentality perpetrated by the big media. This is a much better story of blood diamonds than the movie. Set resolutely in America of course. Thank goodness.

I have to say I prefered the character of silent Sam Cooper (from Woman On The Run) as a hero to Jack Prescott. Even though Jack is the more effective warrior in that he at least prevents his woman from getting hurt. Something Sam so notably failed to do. Although Caroline is on the whole very easy-going I just loved the way she refused to leave the freezing basement while Jack was there mending the boiler. Despite the fact he kept ordering her to go somewhere warm. They were a great couple. I also loved the way Caroline's grief for her brother is poignant. And the way that Jack acknowledges that his love for Caroline changes the way he views the world around him. Wow! How many threads can you get into one novel.

However. I'm sick of the word 'gelid' to describe the wind. Does anyone actually know what it means? I do know where she picked it up though. My advice. Don't use it again. There's a reason why it fell out of's a stupid sounding word.

I read this novel from start to finish in about 36 hours. With breaks for my job and house-keeping too. I'm saying I was hooked from the very beginning. The author just does not disappoint. Bless her. Goes without saying I'll definitely be buying Dangerous Secrets. And I'm more than half-way interested in reading more Avon Reds since I much prefer following a publisher's series than any particular author. But we'll see how that pans out.

Sometimes I wonder why none of these novels make it onto my recommended list. Basically. It's because the main couples tend to be so completely different from one another. I can't see how the love will last after the immediate peril is over. For instance. Dangerous Lover takes place over the course of just 3 days! Much too short to develop a relationship. But that's just me and my opinion. I still love the stories told.

Also. The heroines are too passive in the relationship. The heroes always go down on the women but their actions are never reciprocated. Very strange. In particular there were a lot of inconsistencies in D-Lover. Take Caroline's relationship with Sanders. Towards the beginning of the novel she describes herself as one of the few women in the town who he hasn't slept with. Then later on it becomes apparent that Sanders sees Caroline as some sort of casual fuck-buddy and she admits he was her first lover. Sanders is in fact too large a presence in Caroline's thoughts and the reason her parents came to despise him is never fully explained.

But the really glaring weakness in this book is this. How does Jack being Ben explain to Caroline how he knows what the inside of her house looks like? Since it is made clear at the start of the novel that Ben went into Greenbriars when the family were out. And they never gave their permission for him to be there. Another reason for avoiding homeless shelter people. 90% weirdos. I expect the news that Jack had bequeathed his millions to her encouraged Caroline to run towards him in the final shootout. So typical of middle-class romance heroines.

There's a chapter in Dangerous Lover when the baddie's name changes from Deaver to Deacon. I know that's just poor proof-reading but still...these novels are not cheap you know.

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