Saturday, 2 August 2008

Moonrise by Anne Stuart

This edgy rom-sus novel has some amazingly hot scenes considering it was published in 1996. A case of quality over quantity. Despite the fact that the heroine Annie frequently got on my nerves. Ok. I can understand that her father turned her into some kind of stepford clone. (Teenage rebellion seems to have passed her by.) But she knows she loves James. And she allows him to hand her over to some other guy who she ends up doing it with. Twice. It's like she doesn't have any will of her own or independence of mind or spirit. Because of that I thought she deserved all the humiliation and degradation she received. I thought a very good job was done of making the ex-husband truely repulsive and the bad-boy hero attractive. Considering they were both in the same trade. And despite the fact that her husband-to-be killed her father. Who was of course a complete and utter monster.

In the end both Annie and James earned the happiness they found together. I hope they had long peaceful lives. Filled with love for one another.

Actually. This book well deserves it's reputation. I found it an interesting read. Although very sordid and bleak.

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