Monday, 9 February 2009

Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole

This is the novel for you if you’re a reader who can take lightweight hookers as heroines. If you prefer some emotional depth and feeling in the romances you read then avoid this like the plague.

Complete babyish cack from start to finish. (Not that I did actually finish this drivel.) For starters. Every character has a special special name. Like Queen of Illusions, King of Demons, Deathless One, Enemy of Old, Sorceri, blah blah blah. With many many special special powers. Trouble is. Their problems are no different from yours or mine.

To be honest. I’ve never yet read a good novel that featured a demon. Rydstrom starts out ok. And the guy on the cover is absolutely gorgeous. But he’s too easily trapped by Sabine. Who despite being a nominal first-timer is basically a woman who hasn’t gone all the way, but has definitely gone down on a lot of guys in the past.

There’s a lot of references to popular culture quite early in the novel. I-pods, movies like ‘The Craft.’ So I’ll include one of my own. Rydstrom being held prisoner, stripped of his clothes while in a drugged stupor by a number of servants as the heroine and her sister chat merrily nearby reminded me a little too much of the antics of Grainer and his buddies. I got to page 61 and stopped reading. Guess I moved too far outside the box.


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