Sunday, 23 March 2008

Crazy Hot by Tara Janzen

A nicely enjoyable read. With a superb frisson of naughtiness that lasts for just about a couple of pages but ends up almost being the defining memory of the whole novel. (Girl-friend the nicest possible way.)

The plot is fairly standard stuff. What I enjoyed about it was the international breadth. From Mongolia to Chicago to Denver. Lovely. All totally believable. As was the main bad guy. Dispensing painful and sudden death in the blink of an eye. And nasty enough to make a good girl like Regan scream with fear. I totally enjoy spy thrillers where the denouement takes place in a big warehouse. I had no trouble visualising the walls of flames exploding all over the place. Just like in the best bad-boy action movies. I also totally love heroines who despite living completely normal lives do not hesitate for one second to do what it takes to help their man when he needs it. Without him so much as hinting he could use the assistance. Perfect. And yes. I also enjoyed the romance scenes. Steamy and joyful. Which is how it should be. Nice to hear a heroine tell the hero to mind his own business when he asks about her failed marriage.

Quinn and Regan almost totally disappear from the series after this story. But many of the other characters appear in novel after novel.

I have read this series in a sort of reverse order. Thus experiencing all the weird relationships and plots before the relatively straightforward one in Crazy Hot. In the end. My current favorites are this one and of course. The One. The Only. Crazy Cool.

I deeply admire the structure of the whole Crazy series. Some threads persist through each and every one of the books. (J T's death, weapons, cars) Whilst others break up or start half-way through. Add in the minor plots in each novel. More than sufficient stimulation for this avid and sophisticated reader. Boy. Some women have come a long way since they wrote essays at school. More power to such authors.

I'll be trying the Troubleshooter series next.

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