Sunday, 18 May 2008

Night Rhythms by Charlene Teglia

This e-book cost $2.50. I didn't get my money's worth. It is not a novel, or even a novella. Basically the story is shorter than essay length. It took me one hour max to read. I downloaded 57 pages to Adobe. The story was finished by page 42. Even within those 42 pages there were huge spaces where one chapter ended before another began.

No story is told...just some situations are related. I don't like rock-star novels per se. Too much drink and drugs. Drinking impairs judgement when driving or interacting with other people; users promote the continuous brutalisation and intimidation of whole rural communities in the countries where the product is grown. The e-book is quite effective in Val's memories of Lisette but that's as far as it goes. Lisa is much too passive. Surprisingly she has no memories of dying alone and in pain from a miscarriage. She accepts Val's ridiculous explanations of reincarnation much too readily. This ultra-short e-book contains the line..."six months later" so the reader knows there is just no continuity whatsoever.

The synopsis of the e-book on the Samhain website is definitely better than the story itself. And the warning about explicit and graphic rumpy-pumpy is just laughable.

I only paid $2.50 but I still felt cheated because the ideas contained within the synopsis were quite interesting.

I'll avoid $2.50 e-books from now on. In fact it's put me off Samhain itself. I want proper e-books not kindergarten scribblings. I felt less hostile after reading Ben's Wildflower. Which although poorly written told a recognisable story. (And if you have ever read The Noonday Demon by Andrew Solomon you will know that the people depicted in Lynn's novel do actually exist.)

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