Saturday, 10 May 2008

A Touch of Minx by Suzanne Enoch

Heavens above. This novel is simply crammed with plot plot plot. Despite the fact that Avon have wisely changed it's genre tag from rom-sus to plain rom. It is, I think, the 4th or 5th in the Sam n Rick story arc. This is the one where he asks her to marry him. Sam hardly curses or gets injured. Her fundamental problem is not that she was a burglar but that she obviously hasn't paid any income tax for many years. The IRS will hunt her down for sure...eventually.

Because the main plot about recovering the Jap armor ends so peacefully and predictably the author probably felt obliged to suddenly insert a riduculous stalker sub-plot over two thirds of the way into the story. Presumably to get the readers adrenaline going. Didn't work with me. I read the novel all the way through. It was just about Ok. Almost vanilla. Completely acceptable series read though. Very easy on the brain. Not in the least controversial or offensive.

In many ways the parts of this novel are better than the impression of the whole of it. I just loved the set-up for Sam n Rick meeting at the Sailfish Club...and when Rick gives Sam the Godzilla toy...and when Donner accused Sam of corrupting his wife because she'd given him great sex the previous night. (That was some kind of genius scene that was) Other parts were just so lame...the Stoney thread...the Castillo thread. Even the anatomy-man thread. Their point was?

I also enjoyed being inside Rick's head. Like how he appreciates the heroine. Including his naughtly little habit of comparing his life with his ex, Patricia, to his current love for Sam. However I don't want the author to have Sam compare all her exes to Rick. I hope Rick gets his wish for children with Sam. I hope the readers get to see it too. One thing though. In the first novel in the series, Flirting With Danger, Rick was definitely 32 years old. A year later and he seems to be 35 yo. He should still only be excellent age for a romance hero.

Sam n Rick have a big argument in this novel. With her dressed in Vera Wang and him in Armani. Classy! Their issues were not entirely resolved..presumably like Eve n Roarke for further tensions in future novels..but I appreciated that neither of them screamed at each other. It was a bit pussy for Sam to threaten to leave...just to get Rick to back off. And it was good how he got rid of her backpack without her having a crazy hissy fit. Really both of them showed they have fully adult emotions...although the whole setup is still a bit stupid. (Burglar loves billionaire.) You can see how much I'm liking the books. :>)

Having said that. There's a big missing romance scene in the story...the night after Sam n Rick rob the Picaults's. Shame! I just hope this isn't the last in the series.

One of those romances where the guy does oral on the girl but she hardly seems to return the favour. And some of the language used is so no-class. ie the main couple 'hump', and the 'tits' word is used for the heroine's cleavage. But that's down to the writer and not Sam n Rick. (!!!)

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