Monday, 6 July 2009

Plagued by K.Z. Snow

Another excellent well-written e-romance with a lot of hot eroticism, particularly in the first half of the story. This is one of the few vampire novels where the hero and heroine end up a nice ordinary middle class couple. Because the hero loses his vampiric characteristics when he kills the evil vampire.

Being the sort of person I am, I really appreciated the descriptions of the Black Death and how it was utilised by Europe's Vampires. I didn't really understand all the Vampire tribe variations but that is completely irrelevant. The only scenes that I thought were a bit silly were the gay scenes between Jackson and Adin. They seemed out of place in the quite intense relationship between the main couple.

The heroine actually has friends, is unashamedly in the habit of having one night stands and doesn't seem to mind being pierced by 'the nail' for her blood. The hero is not fantastically rich...he earns a living as a translator..oh and he was originally born a jew. I have no idea why that fact was included in the story. Actually. I thought they were a very attractive couple.


K. Z. Snow said...

Hi, bookbot99, and thank you for your kind words about my novel Plagued. Actually, the fact Adin is Jewish does figure into the plot. It accounts for the murder of his parents, which, as you know, kicks off the whole chain of events.

The story of these characters doesn't end with this novel. It's carried through four subsequent books, and a lot of things change! ;-)

Thank you again, and happy reading!


bookbot99 said...

4 "subsequent books?"

I can only find 1...Cemetery Dancer.

What are the titles of the other 3?
(Please) (Thank you)

...just in case I'm at a loose end someday...tee hee.