Sunday, 1 December 2013

Music Video of 2009

I'm such a copycat.

Above all else I love to read good romances. This music-vid. The song is nothing special. But the video is utterly something else. 1 guy...involves 4 beautiful of them the singer. Mesmerizing. His eyes at the end! What is that all about. And yes. That is the only way to have a row with your partner. (Pouring too much sugar into your coffee. tee hee)

The blurring of the images and the skipping of the track are all part of the original video.


Jane Writes Romance said...

That post was generated on 'Sunday, 19 December 2010'.

Did I over-sleep and miss November and nearly 3 weeks of December?

bookbot99 said...

I wanted a 'sticky' post and just followed Blogger's advice.

I'm wondering what to show for 2011...