Thursday, 15 April 2010

Black Jack by Lora Leigh

I fully accept that this novel has been written by 'The Studio of Lora Leigh'. Similar to 'The Studio of Michelangelo' producing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Italy. And yes. Lora's little group has produced an absolutely great story...with a few minor flaws (of course).... rather like those ghastly 'putti.'

Wow! They have borrowed ideas from 2 of my fave romances. Katya Deker being sent to the French psych hospital by her Senator Mom in Crazy Cool and the garage scene with Peter and Genevieve in Cold As Ice. Wow! How could I not like this novel?

Basically Black Jack is a romance between 2 English blue-bloods, set in the US. Huh! And it is a most joyous read. Particularly after the miserable dirge that was Fragile. I was most impressed by Travis's real name. Many writers of historical romances would struggle to come up with such an impressive moniker for a hero.

There may have been a million plot-holes and all sorts of craziness in the world around them but Lily and Travis remained rock-solid in their attraction to each other. Lily didn't so much as bat her eye-lashes at another guy. Although she was sporadically full of minor insecurities. And who can blame her. What with losing her memory...twice. Being shot in the head! Despite that both Lill and Travis are full of life and not afraid to (repeatedly) ride around on big bikes (no doubt bought with taxpayers cash...but that's ok by me for once) for no other reason than to meet for a night of bump and grind.

An added bonus was the presence of some of the characters from previous books...Morganna and her guy! I ask you...that's ancient history! Plus Wild Card. He actually gets to say a few lines. (More please)

The plot really starts about page 40. Other reviewers have called the earlier pages 'the prologue.' Signifying that it wasn't present on some versions of the e-book. The author probably did originally write that Lilly's Dad returned alive with the brother Jared. And then most likely changed her mind. Unfortunately all the references to the returned Dad in the final chapter haven't been sent to the rubbish bin. But this is a Lora Leigh book so experienced readers know to expect editorial craziness.tee hee.

It actually doesn't matter that Lily never fully recovers her memories...the girls know her as their sister and she relies heavily on her 'instincts' honed over the previous 6 years. I had no trouble with that. My only hitch of breath occurred when Angelica says 'For sure.' Most unlikely considering the way she is written. I was so impressed by how although Lily loves her Mom she absolutely does not allow her to influence her relationship with Travis. That alone shows she has some common sense and backbone. I tend to despise those romances (mainly historical) where a supposed gutsy heroine is basically a slave to her parents wishes. (ie marry a stranger for the sake of the family.) That's just me though.

...i'm probably going to go back and read Heat Seeker despite its bad rep. And So Should You!!! :)

Stuff I learned from reading Black Jack...

1. When a Lord dies his title goes to his brother. Despite the fact that the dead guy had a grown-up son. Total craziness at the very start of the story.

2. Paramilitary groups operate freely in the U.S.

3. You can have extensive facial reconstructive surgery and never feel any aches or pain or need to massage the affected area.

4. Hagerstown, Maryland is an epicentre of spy activity.

5. Elite Ops are the dumbest ever...the whole 'highly trained' group
couldn't spot Lilly going into the sports bar.

...or am I wrong?

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