Thursday, 29 April 2010

Her Vampire Husband by Michele Hauf

I hated this story. It will probably end up being a dnf for me.

Here is why.

An arranged marriage between a werewolf princess and a vampire clan chief. The heroine is deliberately written as an airhead. Rather like Emma in Hunger Like No Other. Unfortunately this one, Blu, comes across as very mean-spirited.

Ok. Its an arranged marriage. And she didn't want to go through with it but she had to because Daddy said so. Fine. Some females are like that. And she doesn't want to do any bump and grind because it's an arranged marriage. Fine. Even though she's had a previous partner right up until the wedding. Not that she loves him either. Thats cool.

A lot is made of the difference between werewolves and vampires in the story. And the werewolf princess thinks its cool to call the vampire all the nasty names she can think of. Well. One way to read the story is like it was an inter-racial marriage. So she calls her husband the n-word and herself the h-word. Is that nice? Is that clever?

I took all that on board. And made no judgements intially. After all its a werewolf and vampire story. Nothing else.

But then. Blu. Who doesn't like her new husband. Calls him names. Is generally disrespectful about his cultural habits. This Blu. Asks her husband if she can have some spending money. !!!! Puh-lese! That's where my judgemental self woke up. I felt embarrassed on behalf of the female population in general. And later on Blu trolls victims for Creed to bite. There's real-life serial killers with similar profiles to this main couple.

That's why I put the book down. And am unlikely to pick it up again.

Although I have figured out what the problem for me is. The spine of the book says 'paranormal romance' but it isn't. Its urban fantasy.

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