Friday, 24 August 2007

Cold As Ice by Anne Stuart v2.

My favorite book of the year.


Well. I knew Peter Jensen was the hero before I started reading the novel. I like a hero who has the ability to blend in with those around him and only later reveals his special attributes.

But most of all. I related to Genevieve's life experiences. I too have bought over-priced label fashions, come home and considered the waste of money they cost. I too have tired of the world of work despite the good income it brings. I too have seen women make a decision about sleeping with the boss for career advancement. I know the sham that is humanitarian foundations and charities. And I could understand Genevieve's desire for a jungle trek although she should consider the blight mass (or even elite) tourism brings to the affected lands.

So basically. I was hooked on this novel from the very beginning. I kept thinking to myself as I read it. "When am I going to start hating this heroine. When is she going to do something stupid like have sex with the hero just because he's good looking." But she never did. She slept with the hero to hopefully save her own life. (Not to bolster her self-esteem because she has no other problem-solving strategies.) And then hated it and herself for enjoying the experience. Plus she still thought of him as a SOB. And then she cries when she thinks he's dead. Fantastic.

It was the relationship between Peter and Genevieve that kept me spell bound. So I could ignore the fact that van Dorn's scheme was amateurish. That supposed skilled spy Peter couldn't tell that Renaud would turn traitor at the earliest opportunity.

Does that give away too much about myself. I don't care.

I love this book. Particularly in the light of all the horrible cack I've read by authors who have no idea of plot or character development.

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