Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Soon...very soon.

In about 30 days Lover Unbound will at long last be published. I know it will disappoint. But never mind.

Over on the amazon.com boards, the publisher's shill, has been hinting that Tohr may return in one of the upcoming novels...as a bad guy. What a very good idea. And the people who he should hate and want vengeance upon are surely Z and Bella. I'd love another novel featuring those two...

Oh dear. A new synopsis of L.U. has appeared on the amazon boards. "...not for those new to the BDB universe or romance traditionalists." it says. Presumably that means the author has decided to continue down the perverted pathway. Did I mention that imo Butch's black ejaculate scene in L.R. was totally, totally gross? However. Why is all the sex so gynologically described in these novels so repetitive? All they feature is the missionary position. The average contemporary has more variety than that. Boring.

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