Friday, 7 September 2007

If Angels Burn by Lynn Viehl

Unremitingly sordid and nasty.

I've got to page 157 of this 300-novel and the hero is still at the 'you are my subservient slave' stage whilst the heroine has halted at the 'I hate your guts' gate. So forget about this being a paranormal romance. Apart from that. The heroine, despite being a highly qualified and successful surgeon, talks and thinks like a trucker. I feel sorry for her. She reads like a victim of spousal abuse. I hate it when authors can’t create a proper heroine type. For instance. The heroine's name is Alexandra. But she lets a casual fuck-buddy call her 'Al!' Later on the heroine calls the hero, Mike, when his name is Michael. But it's said as an insult. So where's the consistency? And the former lover, who is also a doctor, gets to treat and internally examine Alexandra when she is seriously injured. Charming. Can’t say that I like the hero either. As the heroine says. She helped him. And then he attacked her. But only because he was a 'helpless' victim of 'rapture and thrall.' Hur, hur. I'll look out for that one next time I read any info on wife-battering. Only a repeat cycle eeejut would look to build a future with that kind of guy.

The main theme of the story is torture, torture, torture. Everyone gets tortured. Men, women; young and old; innocent or guilty. Even the torture of a child is described. I only skim-read what seemed to be a passage detailing sex with a pretend minor. But that’s what prompted me to give the story a bad review. Generally. Throughout the plot, sex is used to humiliate and over-power various characters. You have to wait until page 243 of a 300 page novel for the first sighting of pleasureable consensual sex. Sorry. That's too little, too late for me.

Male vampires who give off a strong smell of flowers!!?? Whose stupid idea was that? This is the worst kind of multi-racial novel. Where 2 main characters, both people of color, are treated abominably. (By the author.) For instance, at the beginning of the story, the heroine, Alex, a woman of color, has a high status job with an excellent income. By chapter 5 she's lost both, has become a double murderess and is dependent on the slimy hero for pretty much everything. Her brother, John, comes across as a total moron with absolutely no back-bone whatsoever. I felt contaminated just reading about his life.

No one on this earth can force me to read Mein Kampf. And I also refuse to read any more of this revolting garbage either. Please. Don't tell me 'the second half of the novel is much better.' Actually. The second half seems to be WORSE than the only mildly interesting first half.

Excuse Me. I need a bath.

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