Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Ice Storm by Anne Stuart.

I have to say. I think Anne Stuart has made a mistake in making Madame Isobel Lambert the heroine of the next Ice novel. For a start. She is far too old. And she smokes. I know what will happen. Isobel will completely change her character for Ice Storm. That is such a stupid practice by authors.


Anne Stuart said...

She's not as old as she looks - she's had massive plastic surgery. And she keeps trying to give up the cigarettes. Basically I think I stayed pretty true to her character while explaining what made her the way she is. It might be my favorite book so far. Hope it works for you.

bookbot99 said...

Thank you for your reassurance. All this business with Lover Unbound had me worried. I don't really mind how old Isobel is. So much looking forward to reading her story. (And the delicious sounding hero)