Sunday, 30 September 2007

In Defense of Bella! by J R Ward

HOW DARE all those readers disappointed with LU criticise Ward for her 'wishy-washy' heroines!

Bella is one of the most wonderful heroines ever invented. As I have said before.

WHO was able to play along with Mr O's sick fantasies even though at times she must have almost given up hope.

WHO rescues Bella from the Lessers??? Bella does. It was she who released the civilian vamp to tell the BDB of her whereabouts. She did this at great risk to her life. Fully knowing Mr O would be baying for vengeance. What did he do? He sewed her eyelids shut and carved his name in her stomach. I call that utter bravery I do.

WHO chases after Z shamelessly even though he's some sort of emotional dwarf? Bella did (in Lover Eternal)

WHO rescues Z AND Phury from Mr O, even though those two are hell-bent on some kind of dumbass matyrdom. Bella killed Mr O when Z and Phury had absolutely no chance against him.

WHO has endless patience with Z's shortcomings in the making-love department?? Bella knew instantly what Z's problem was. Did she ever let disgust or condemnation show in her eyes? That gonad squeezing scene in the bathroom took a lot of nerve imo. (And much more deliciously kinky than anything V could ever dream up.)

For Bella, Phury never existed at all. She put up with all Z's stupid strategies to set her up with his brother. Not once. ONCE. Did she shout at Z or call him a stupid a.h.!!

How many readers noticed that on the cover of LA, Z looks to be shorter than Bella?

It is totally wrong to say that Bella is not a strong heroine. What other (closed-mind) reviewers mean. Is that Bella didn't have a proper job or career, so she cannot be inspirational. Tosh.

She's a fantastic capable woman who choses to live with her man. And she is beautiful too! Inside and out.

Bella for PRESIDENT 2008. Says I.

End of.

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