Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Crazy Wild by Tara Janzen

...the story of the romance between Creed n Cody. I chose this as my 2nd novel in the Crazy series because, to be frank, I quite wanted to read an english romance with an hispanic hero. But no. Creed Rivera turns out to be a blond surfer type. Oh well.

And Cody is unfortunately a deeply flawed heroine. I didn't really believe in the HEA. Gratitude is at best what Cody feels towards Creed. imo. And that's with me being kind to her.

What I did enjoy in this story is the beginnings of the romance between Skeeter and Dylan. Which was the subject of the 1st Crazy book I read, Crazy Love. My question was answered. Dylan is about 32 yo. And he is very much aware of the age-gap between him and Skeet. Nevertheless. In this story he teases himself with the idea of marrying her. But then decides to stay well out of her life. There's a fantastically tender moment between Dylan and Skeeter in the Humvee when he kisses her scar after she rescues herself from the revolting putative letch Reinhold.

The weird thing is. That scene between Skeet and Reinhold is almost a mirror image of the situation Cody faced in Karlovy Vary. But Skeeter doesn’t take the easy way out. Like Cody. Skeeter just pretends to co-operate and then totally kicks ass. Unlike Cody. Ok. Cody probably did what she did because she was scared and felt like she had to bargain for her life. And well done to the author for bringing in a situation that isn’t rape, that looks like free-will but isn’t. Trouble is. I couldn’t help but feel that Cody again took the easy way out when she conveniently fell for Creed. She was quite right too. Cody took one look at Creed and realised he had the ability to solve all her problems for her if she just treated him nice. A hard-headed business decision. But not a romance on her part at all. It just confirms my suspicions. Some people always take the easy way out. Even if they have to compromise their self-respect. Others. Like Skeeter. Wouldn’t consider such an option in a million years. I didn’t dislike Cody. Or her story. I just didn’t empathise with her either. Just another hard-body on the make. imo. That’s probably why the author stuck her in the harsh regime of Leavenworth military jail for a while too.

I loved the ‘days of the week underwear’ thread in the story. And the fact that the women were obviously young and pretty. If it weren’t for the repeated detailing of J.T’s horrendous death the book would have been irredeemably lightweight. Not least because. With the best will in the world, I just don't buy Denver, Colorado as the tango magnet portrayed in the book.

I suppose I ought to go next for the novel where Tony Royce turns bad. But I think I’ll go probably get the Christian Hawkins story next. But not too soon. I didn’t much go for Red Dog either. The heroines seem a bit wet really. Apart from Skeeter of course.

I like so much about Skeeter in this novel. Her spooks when she goes into the police station. Completely understandable bearing in mind her previous career as a wall-banger. Her pretend obedience to Dylan when he’s in ‘boss’ mode. But the best scene is when the slimey Reinhold runs his fingers through her hair and she thinks ‘double wash, double rinse.’ I thought that was A+ attitude! What didn't work with Skeet was her clairvoyance. Which I notice. Was almost completely dropped for her own story, Crazy Love.

Crazy Wild is quite a big book. I read it in a day and a half between 2 full work days. Because I enjoyed it a lot. Unlike the p.o.s that was Harmony’s Way. Which took over a week to slog through. Even Cody isn’t as much of a ‘free-will’ serial victim as the awful Harmony. Whose choice of the short-tempered oaf Lance as her ‘mate’ is entirely in keeping with her loser life-style. But stop. I don’t want to get started on her again.

And lastly. Come ON November!

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