Sunday, 21 October 2007

Harmony's Way by Lora Leigh v2

Way way TSTL.

I’ve totally changed my mind about this book. The heroine, Harmony, has got to be ONE OF THE MOST STUPID, HYSTERICAL, MORONIC, slappers ever to exist on this earth. I so wanted her to die in the final shoot-out The whole plot is nonsensical, nazi-loving, cultist rubbish. It’s not even entertaining. None of it makes the slightest sense whatsoever.

I hardly know where to start.

The plot was just about Ok until about the middle of the book. Ok, because the early sex scenes hooked me in, but then terminally boring ‘Breed’ hicksville politics take over.

But then in the second half of the novel…. Well. The first thing that turned me against Harmony is when she doesn’t know she’s pregnant. BUT HER SHIRT-TAIL BROTHER WHO SHE HARDLY SEES DOES KNOW SHE IS!! I can accept that her lover Lance, the nominal hero of this story, does know of her condition. After all. He heard it on the wind. (Unfortunately the same wind wrongly also tells Lance that he will die in the final shoot-out.)

I absolutely do not like hysterical screaming heroines. In the final shoot-out Harmony, aka Death (ha ha ha more like ‘Dope’ or Drudge,) first has an hysterical argument with lover-boy Lance about tactics, and then has more screaming hysterics with bro-Jonas and all his gang who show up to save her and Lance. This is absolutely NOT a woman who has the slightest hope of keeping a cool head in a stressful situation.

And then there’s the anal sex scene. This stupid CUNT allows her lover to use anal sex as a means of imposing a dominance in her relationship with him. Ok, the same thing happened in Megans Mark. But Megan had her head fairly together and was fairly equal with her lover, Braden in all other ways. Harmony on the other hand IS TOTALLY SCREWED UP generally. What’s more. She is a Breed. (feline) A feline submits only to dominant feline males. A feline beats the shit out of any other breed that tries to dominate her. Particularly a human. Harmony should have been the dominant one in the relationship if any of this Breed shit made any kind of sense. About 20 years ago main stream romance writers stopped writing in heroes who used vaginal sex as a means of imposing obedience on the heroine. But this author comes from Elloras Cave publishing so maybe this trait is nowadays regarded as acceptable ‘minority taste’ instead of fucking REACTIONARY PATRIARCHAL shit. btw some people might regard it as a characteristic of an abusive relationship just like the one between Tommy Mason and his wife.
Whats WORSE. Is that, despite Harmony being such a passive heroine, she would actually (going by how she behaves generally) make an excellent hero in a DYKE romance. Then she could scream " Take That You Crazy Diseased Mother-Fuckers!" to her heart's content without compromising her heroine status. Up til that point I thought I was still reading a coherent novel. But once Harmony uttered those words I realised that we had crossed over into Russ Meyer territory. (Not that I ever watched one of his movies)

So tell me. Who was doing all the shooting at Harmony and Lance in the final scene? Like I cared. From what I’ve read in the story, there is no reason the first Leo is so important that necessitates so many people going to so much trouble to retrieve the files Harmony stole. So what Madame LaRue tried to kill Jonas. Does anyone care…outside Jonas and Harmony. It is all completely cultist and hicksville. Small-town inconsequentialities whipped up into cod-importance by closed minds, gossip and inflated egos. Geez.

I would like to say that being an experienced reader I totally recognise plot devices aimed at building readership and getting $$$$ based on books that have been best-sellers. Quite a few of them are used in this novel. And it’s still a tons better read than Lover Unbound. Because, at least the author doesn’t spend pages and pages trying to UNDO plot silliness from previous novels. (Remember how in Dallas, Bobby’s death turned out to be Pammy’s dream? The beginning of the end of the series more like.)

No way am I reading the 4th in the series. (Unless Dawn turns out to be Jonas's mate and she gives him a good whipping plus a session with a strap-on.) I am SO over the Breeds. Ugh. A question I would ask is. Why are all the female Breeds such victims? Ok, they were routinely beaten and rapped in the labs. But so were the guys, according to the baddie Senator in Megans Mark. And none of the stories is about a Breed male not rising above being brutalised. Why am I even bothering to ask? Trying to rationalise sexist clap-trap.

tbh. I've never been impressed by lions. They adapt too well to zoos and safari parks. Even in their native lands no-one is afraid of them because they are too easy to kill with a weapon. And they breed like rabbits in captivity. That's why the 'infertile breeds' strand of the series makes no sense to me. Now wolves, of course, still have the power to make a rancher apoplectic with fear and anger. In America and in Europe. So maybe I should switch to reading the wolf-breed series instead. I'll think about it.

Finally. (Again) I apologise for showing my ignorance and over-familiarity with certain sexual matters. Furthermore I promise not to use curse words in my reviews from now on. This book has cured me of that habit too. Only CAPS allowed in the future.


Anonymous said...

Dawn ends up with Seth. And the author kinds of annoys me with her heroines. They all refuse their mates. Make a big fuss and everything they say is repeated by every new mate (especially with the humans) "It's drugs. It's not real." etc, etc. It makes me sick.

Now Jonas is on the way soon. I hope Lora won't pick and grab some ignorant human heroine who comes out of nowhere but has been working with the breeds behind the scenes. Why can't his mate be someone who's there. Someone who showed up in more than one book before. Someone we know and love. I would die for it to be Cassie or Ely Morrey. But I bet that won't be so. :(

bookbot99 said...

Cassie! Are u crazy? I bet Lora does exactly what you're worried about, brings in some new girl. I also bet that Jonas completely changes his character. That's usually what happens in series like these.

Is Dawn's Awakening any good?