Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Not very soon...

I have ordered Tanner's Scheme, the controversial 3rd in series from Lora Leigh's Breeds series by Berkley. Unfortunately it's gonna take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive. Goodness knows why. Just hope I don't have the feds knocking at my door as well. (But that's another story)

So I'm going to do a pre-review based on other reviewers reviews! tee hee.

The heroine is called Scheme!!! On the other hand I've read romances where the heroine is called Autumn, Winter, Summer.... Mind you. I've yet to read one where the girl-heroine is called Davide.

Well. Scheme has had 5 men during the last 10 years and the hero Tanner, has apparently watched her with most of them. Because she's done menage and sex on public camera. Ok. Not your standard romance heroine. I agree with the some of the reviewers on one point. 5 men over 10 years is not a lot for the average single woman. But menage! Camera! That puts the heroine in a class with very few others. But please please don't have the heroine apologising for it. Or even worse, don't have her saying 'Daddy made me do it.' Because that would make her a doormat. Surely. A doormat to her Daddy, her current partner and all the other former partners who 'did her wrong.' We shall see.

The heroine, Scheme is apparently dedicated to helping the Breeds in the Labs. Apparently her Daddy is evil scientist in chief. I think to myself. What would I do. Would I prostitute myself for a cause. The answer is of course, No. I'd do a fun-run or sign a petition. Seriously.

Whatever. I'm sure the book when I read it will be completely indecent. But hopefully true love will win. Or Scheme responds well to Tanner's Mating scent. Yuk!

I've ordered Soul Deep too. About the hated Coyote Breeds. Where the hero is a native american too. Then I'll give this author a rest.

Looking forward to an old Ruth Wind novel too. In the Midnight Rain. And The River Knows by Amanda Quick. Disappointment a certainty in that one. But never mind. So I'll be building up a tbr pile for the Christmas holidays.

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