Sunday, 1 June 2008

Billionaires Prefer Blondes by Suzanne Enoch

Very disappointing. Way, way too much crime caper stuff. Nowhere near enough humping. And half of what there is is alluded to!!! As in 'Let's go to bed' said Sam...The next morning.... Jeez. I don't buy romances for that kind of dish-water. What's worse. Sam allows herself to get groped by a blackmailing piece of slime. Ugh. I started off reading quickly. By half-way I'd slowed right down.

What was the point of re-introducing the supposedly dead dad, Martin? Romance novels in general are not very good at portraying family ties. And this is no exception. Martin reads like a really horrible amoral person. Doublecrossing everyone he meets, including his daughter. Why am I supposed to be entertained by his intrusion into this novel? Sam may get an adrenaline rush from burglarizing but I found it all very sordid. Particularly when innocent people can't even sleep safely in their own beds without being in danger from felons. This story actually proves to be an excellent illustration of why people should avoid associating with anything criminal. Unless you enjoy having threats to your safety, peace of mind, free-will on a daily basis.

I'm very glad that Rick decides that he will not cross the line. If Sam goes back to her life of crime he will split from her. Despite the fact that he loves her. Well said Addison. Hola!

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