Thursday, 5 June 2008

I'll Be Hunting You by Shiloh Walker

This is a follow-up to Declan and Tori. I only read it because I knew that Declan died. I thought. "Serves you right...sharing your girl with that wimp Eli." However I also concluded from the review I read that Declan doesn't actually stay dead. I didn't mind that. One of the things I hate about death is that it's so permanent. So why not fantasize about it being temporary?

I have to say though. This e-novella is total badly written schlock. Tori is really made to suffer grief. Poor woman. She and Declan had been together for 15 years. But it's only for one whole year. Very few romances nowadays deal with grief. And I felt all her anguish. Even though it wasn't particularly realistic.

However I would have been annoyed if she then fell in love with another guy after just one year. Like happens with so much women's fiction nowadays. Blah. But instead she falls for a guy called Brian. Who actually turns out to be an amnesiac Declan. With a small completely unrealistic child in tow. I didn't really get Brian's memories of his life. And as the story progressed I didn't really like that it was obvious that he was destined to meet and bang Tori. Brian is another wimp's name. So how could Brian turn out to be Declan but have none of Declan's memories? We are not talking reincarnation here. Just memory loss. I thought it was all a bit stupid. To say nothing of the fact that the story criss-crosses America but all the towns seem equally anonymous places.

I also don't like the vigilantism thread of the Hunter series. It just doesn't happen. Miscarriages of justice are too commonplace to be treated superficially in some stupid romance. (I don't mean banged up for a crime not committed. I'm talking about being jailed for say 4 years for a really horrible assault or even murder. Sadly all too common.)

I thought all the romance scenes were a bit tepid too. A less well-read reader might think they were hot though. It's a bit boring really is what I'm trying to avoid saying. But those are the facts. The novella did make me interested in reading more about 'the mean bitch' Sarel. Oops. I've swallowed the bait. Maybe that's the whole point of this story.

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