Tuesday, 3 June 2008

The Hunters 1: Declan and Tori by Shiloh Walker

I am over 21. So should you be to read this novel. I bought it as an e-book. But it is also available in print form. At only 165 pages it's a quick 'series romance' type read.

Better plotted than a Lora Leigh story. More effective world-building than the hyper-inflated J R Ward. And it's still a stonking hot read. As in 'very very hot'. There's a lot of voyeurism, girl-friend sharing and girl-anal. tbh While I could go along with the threesome I found myself left behind when Tori humps Eli in front of Declan...out of sympathy or to keep a promise. Tori is Declan's girl. She liked him before she turned into a vampire. I found Eli to be too much of a wet wimp to deserve Tori on his own. But that's just opinion. Also. I think the author, like so many writers of paranormals, needed to be a little more aware of both ethnic sensitivities and master-servant issues.

Basically, Declan and Tori is a vampire, shapeshifter story. Although it's a contemporary novel I did miss the named cars and clothes aspect of, say, the Sam n Rick books. This is the beginning of a series so I'll wait til I read a few more before I pass judgement.

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