Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Real Deal by Lucy Monroe

Buying this book was a terrible mistake for me. All the reviews I read of it seemed to imply that the story was a contemporary romance between Amanda and Simon. But in fact there is a third person involved in the whole novel; Lance. Who is married to Amanda at the beginning of the novel. So there you have it. The heroine. Married to one guy at the start. 'In love 4evah' with another by the end. I think that's a version of hot-bedding and an object lesson in why guys and gals should pay regular visits to a clap-clinic. (I don't actually know if Amanda's gyno puts in an appearance.) And of course. Its All Lance's Fault. The swine. He likes threesomes. So Amanda must be the wronged party, mustn't she? But the first time we meet Amanda she's committing violence on her husband's maybe the breakup was just inevitable. That's why 'no fault' divorce was invented..although from the words I read this story seemed to say that the husband was to blame.

Sorry. Women's fiction and chick lit. Where guys are always in the wrong...I don't read them.

...actually. I only read 2 pages. Which is a record even for me.


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