Sunday, 7 June 2009

Vexing the Viscount by Emily Bryan.

The Big Disappointment in this story is that there is no treasure. I repeat. No Treasure. If there had been the story would have been truely sublime. (Sigh)

Apart from that major misjudgement by the author this book is lovely. It features a Miss with Money who plots her hardest to get the man she was friends with when they were children to fall in love with her. And it works really well. Lots of lovely steam. I really liked the hero. Despite being practically broke he refuses to marry the heiress his father has searched out for him. (Who is not the heroine I hasten to add.)

The title makes the book seem really lightweight but I thought some serious issues appear in the story. Like the issue of being a traitor to the Crown. Like the issue of what good Lucien could do for his estates if he had found the treasure. Like the issue of being a slave in Roman times. Like how Lucian saves Daisy's life when his own father tries to shoot her dead! That's how much he loves her. Also the story is set in times when people wore wigs and the guys 'showed a leg' as a courtesy. So the cover is a load of old hokum again.

The story features some characters from previous novels which I had not read. And I couldn't really work out if Lady Wexford was one of those characters.

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