Thursday, 4 June 2009

Seraphim by Shelby Reed

I kept reading in the hope it would get better. But it never did. The plot just goes nowhere for ages. Gia, the heroine, basically trades her body for material comfort every chance she gets and closes her eyes to her husband being a career criminal. But more than that. She’s a woman who has relations with her husband because he wants to and she just mentally opts out of the experience. But oh, there’s nothing wrong with her marriage; after all her husband gives her little gifts all the time. Of course the hero is the guy that can actually make her feel emotions during the act. She wants to have her cake and eat it, so to speak. Fine. That’s her life. There’s nothing romantic or erotic about it. It’s basically sordid. Jesus said….Yes. But Jesus gave his life for humanity. Gia sacrifices nothing. She justifies her tawdry compromises with ‘..but I was born poor.’ Which is no justification at all. Did I say Gia is also 100% TSTL…all the time?

The story, such as it is, is nothing original. ‘Special’ person chosen and trained to fight evil. Actually I love that theme. But this version was just….crap. Recently I’ve watched a number of movies in which I so wanted the ‘hero’ to just Die…Hot Fuzz (whoever heard of a slasher movie with an HEA!!), Wanted (in which the hero is fooled into killing his own father by a wealthy cult but of course he decides to stay with them because....they gave him his self-respect??!!!), Terminator:Salvation (why did all those people sacrifice themselves for the charisma-free John Connor??). And reading this novel I felt the same. “Please, Gia. Die in vain and do Not be resurrected.” But I don’t think that happened.

I got to page 71 and checked out due to utter boredom and disinterest.


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