Saturday, 30 May 2009

Smoke and Mirrors by Natasha Moore

...a guilty pleasure 88-page e-book.

What I liked most about this is the memories the main couple have about their times together when they were first young lovers. No idea why EC put book in the their 'Taboo' niche.

I almost accepted Alex's reason for leaving Gabrielle but was surprised that she didn't seem to have moved on emotionally. But this is what a poor guy has to do in order to marry the rich man's hard and grab every chance he can get.... Ten years isn't that long to make it as a magician in showbusiness imo. Some people work all their lives and never get to make it really big.

I thought Alex was quite honorable despite his behaviour with Gabrielle all those years ago. Although some honesty from him at the time would have helped the situation. But let's not forget that the story is set around show-business so normal codes of behaviour don't really apply.

Quite a joyful little novel really. Both the main couple essentially ready to give their relationship another try without harboring too many resentments. I loved the fact that Gabrielle's first job was being a magicians assistant...and then she settled for marketing. Ha!

The story is well written but the plot makes no sense. Either Robert Winslow despises Alex or he doesn't. What actually happens is that he seems to change his mind half way through the novel.

...and yes, some might say this story is very hot...takes about an hour to read through.

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