Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Mark of the Vampire Queen by Joey W. Hill

This was the biggest load of hokum tosh and twaddle I have read (right to the very end, tee hee) in a very long time. With half-baked literally pertentions that just serve to drag out the well-buried plot. About half of the endless bump and grind is unremittingly sordid and degrading to all participants. Jacob the hero, in other books, would be a class A creepy obsessive. I hadn't read the prequel but his fondness for servility was totally explained by the fact that he seems to have been a travelling carnival performer. The big insurection scene at the south american villa is almost comical in its absurdity.

But the saddest thing in the story is how the heroine, Lyssa changes. For most of the novel she's an arrogant, low-minded piece of nastiness. With her own home. Lots of nice cars and clothes too. Jeez. She even has her own territory where she offers sanctuary to other vampires. By the end of the book she has absolutely none of those things left. Basically homeless, without clothes, running wild in the deepest Appalachian forests. And often fearful.

Much of the novel is full of chatter between her and Jacob; mostly her telling him what to do. She talked to him through her mouth and through her mind. In the final chapter this once proud powerful female has almost no voice at all. All the author has her do is listen to Jacob's stupid prattle about how deep his love for her is.

Jacob doesn't even ask her permission to change her back into a human form. He should have! And the roles are reversed. Now he's the powerful vampire.While Lyssa is....well. Ordinary I suppose. Tears came to my eyes at how far she had fallen. Why would she, formerly a thousand year-old vampire queen, be happy with that for more than a microsecond? Anyway. Here's hoping the baby will live...unlike her first one.

The characteristic a reader needs to read this book is 'fortitude.' It takes forever for the plot to run its course. And why on earth choose the charisma-free aussie couple for the sequel??!! Australia is a land of light so how can it support a culture based on darkness??!! The author should have bit the bullet and gone wholly oriental. (You know I love the imagery of Throne of Blood...and that's even nothing about vampires.)

dearauthor.com have produced a much better review of this book than me. Although I'm not surprised it's absent from Mrs Giggles's site. She probably would have an apoplectic fit at the ending.

Not for everyone. I've ordered two very gentle romances as a result of reading MoVQ. Plus the prequel. (Oops. Should I have admitted that.)

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