Saturday, 30 May 2009

Expecting Dangerous Passion

...of course I've immediately returned to my copy of Dangerous Lover to find out where 'Drake' appeared. Basically he was the bad guy, Deaver's, supplier of various stuff he needed. Read about him mainly on page 195 to 203.

I'd also sorta forgotten just how steaming hot Dangerous Lover was. Totally fantastic. And how raw the language used by Deaver and Sanders was. I just love the fact that Deaver was essentially jealous of Jack and that fueled his resentment of him. And I'd forgotten how Caroline dedicated herself to her brother for so many years. She certainly deserved her happiness with Jack.

What a gobsmacking wonderful read Dangerous Lover was. btw I must one of the few LMR fans who didn't really like the Midnight series. It was Woman on the Run that started me gushing about LMR.

I hope Dangerous Passion isn't too 'romantic' (at the expense of eroticism) as she says in her interview. Decide for yourself. Available here.

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