Monday, 25 May 2009

Busy busy little me.

I've been reviewing away like a little pro recently....


Nothing. NOTHING. Has come anywhere near the perfection that is Cold As Ice. I still absolutely love it. Although it has been at the top of my recommended list for nearly 2 years.

Currently I'm loving it because of the heroine's little death wish that makes an appearance in the first half of the story.

All girls know. Love and death go hand in hand...something very few authors are capable of writing about in a non-threatening kind of way.

Plus. I think I've got the postage thing worked out. Forget abe. Their people often send out the wrong books which is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. Don't bother with amazon. It takes too long. Use amazon marketplace. Much faster than amazon. (Because I read old romances from other readers favorite lists I'm not too fussed about the condition of the novels.) That's what works for me.

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