Friday, 25 January 2008

Born In Death by J D Robb

Highly enjoyable. Especially the first half. When Roarke gets upset that his good name has been impugned (ha!) and asks Eve to give up a case. The way Eve gets round him is wonderful. Lovely shower scene. I even quite enjoyed the murder mystery. Although it goes without saying that I didn’t have a clue where Eve got her clues from. And I wasn’t convinced that ten annual illegal adoptions could fund the lifestyles of the main perps. I liked the little reminder in this book that however much Eve may deny it, she is the wife of a billionaire and has a lot more cash available to spend than the average joe. Eve should have volunteered to reimburse Delia for the baby-shower gifts before Delia reminded her to do so. Eve meets surprisingly little resentment about her income level. I like to see her deal with difficulties in her personal life.

Unfortunately. The second half of the book is almost completely given over to babies, babies, babies and Mavis. I have never liked the character of Mavis. One of those ghastly over-bright and bubbly pain-in-the-butts. I don’t even much like Peabody. Or Nadine. All of them seem to owe their success to either Eve or Roarke. Why are they so reliant on the friendship of yes-people? But that’s just my opinion and I know I’m in a minority. I even understand that the success of authors like Jodi Picoult mean that other authors are under pressure to incorporate children into their story-lines.

Anyway. Another very good effort by J. D.

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