Saturday, 12 January 2008

On The Loose by Tara Janzen

Well….Nothing special. Ok for us fans of the series. But…There’s three couples involved in this: Smith & Honey, Alejandro and Lily, Irena and Ari. Too many really. My problems were this; Honey turned out to be a bit helpless. She’d convinced herself she could drive in rugged terrain, but did nothing but squeal when faced with a river of rats; Irena should have died…but the minute the author revealed she was a mother and her kid depended on her I knew she wouldn’t; And I liked Alejandro too much for him being a minor character. Particularly the bits about his recent performances in the sack. I know his story is next…but hooking him up with a school teacher? She’ll emasculate him for sure. And that’s it. New readers might find it a little puzzling that the mystery of the ‘Z’ is not revealed in the novel. Of course if you’ve read the synopsis of ‘Cutting Loose’, like I did, you would know the truth of the matter.

The plot is about retrieving some secret info from the cockpit of a crashed light aircraft. All goes as planned. Throw in nuns, rebels, drug deals gone bad for entertainment value. It all takes place in some South American country. Like I said. Ok.

After reading this novel I’ve decided to go back and read Crazy Sweet. Maybe I was a little too harsh about Red Dog. After all. She was tortured by foreign nationals. I don’t mean banged up in a cozy cell and asked to wear an orange jump-suit whilst getting 3 meals a day courtesy of Uncle Sam. Gillian was pumped full of excrutiatingly painful experimental drugs. That’s real torture. And I want to see Royce get his just deserts. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it doesn’t happen out-of-story.

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