Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Cutting Loose by Tara Janzen v2

Simple plot, multilayered relationships. I had to read it a couple of times before I really appreciated how wonderful this novel is.

I loved how the strands dovetailed together. The final showdown scene was brilliantly done. Tense, exciting, clever and it almost ended in tragedy.

The relationship between the main couple isn't really about true love. But so what? Both are adults and if they only make each other happy for a few years, it doesn't mean their feelings for each other are less intense.

I loved the road-trip part of the plot. Lily and Zach are the good guys but for a while they are portrayed like they were some kind of killer-couple on the run through the open spaces of New Mexico.

But most of all I like the world the author has created. A fantasy spy world that references bang up to date current affairs. I also appreciate the research done on custom cars, custom computers and weapons. A quirk of this series is that many action scenes take place out-of-story. That's why the series remains firmly in the women's market. Although this particular novel has some great little insights into the workings of the mind of a guy. And the writing style is wonderful too. Sometimes it fools the reader into believing this is a lightweight series.

Subtle and very entertaining.

Let's face it though. Zach should have taken a plane straight to DC. What kind of an op would drive such a highly distinctive auto on a mission. But these are minors.

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