Friday, 11 January 2008

Soul Deep by Lora Leigh

The first half of this book is the usual straight-up smutty breed schtick. Lashings of hotness plus a high embarrassment factor because the main couple seem to do it in company. Although neither Simon nor Stephanie are likely to be in the least offended by anything they witness. But as a reader, I certainly felt like cringing. Which is ridiculous really because reading romances is all about the reader witnessing intimate acts between the main couple.

However. Suddenly at the half-way mark. Amazingly. I realised that I actually liked the main couple, Kiowa and Amanda. Her. Because she naturally protests at giving up what she thinks are her dreams of the future. While Kiowa tells her that she justs needs to adapt those dreams. And I like him because of what he said when he was eleven years old. ‘I have a soul, I always did.’ After all the years of his grandfather telling him he had none. Also. Apart from being the daughter of a fictional president, Amanda is totally normal. Well. Sort of. A 24-yo virgin who knows she likes giving head.Okay.Yes. Sometimes she does say na├»ve stuff. But she’s young. And it’s nice to meet a youngish woman who doesn’t display the cynicism of a 50-yo street hooker. Plus she’s not a doormat like Harmony, nor does she have ‘spechul’ psychic powers like Megan. Nor is she a slut like Scheme. Or an eeejut like Elizabeth.

In theory. Kiowa is an ‘evil Coyote breed’ although he wasn’t raised by the cruel scientists in the labs. Just had a completely loveless childhood courtesy of a cold grandfather. But like all the breed males, such experiences haven’t made him bitter and twisted. With another author Kiowa could have become a mother-hating psycho-killer. But with this series I am secure in the knowledge that Breed males are generally very sociable…even Kiowa has friends. I liked Kiowa a lot. I totally felt the pain of his early days.

So basically. This novel is all about how Amanda particularly comes to terms with mating with Kiowa. And all that entails. Unfortunately Amanda also reveals that essentially she is tstl. She forgets about the goons that kidnapped her, the chopper shooting at her n Kiowa and justs heads out to ‘escape’ from her protectors. On the other hand. I have also in my life cut off my nose to spite my face. At least in Lora Leigh novels it all comes good in the end. So I forgive Amanda. None of us are perfect. The other thing I would say about Amanda is that she could have shown a bit more gentleness to Kiowa. In particular, when he was showering, she could have soaped him up nicely... in high heels. He would have appreciated that I’m sure.

Like I said. There are a few totally cringe-making scenes in the story. The oral sex in the SUV scene, the scene with Amanda in the gynae-chair. And one completely outrageous scene featuring a knife. Which I didn’t personally find erotic at all. But it was interesting to read through. Nice to see some variety in the hotness too. Very light on the domination though. Which is probably why I liked the main couple. All very entertaining. Not for the faint-hearted though.

This novel is exactly what a good series romance should be like. A fairly simple plot that is a sexy, interesting, not too long read. With a couple of flawed scenes thrown in. I much prefer these 'dog' Breeds to the 'cats.'

btw. Cassie Sinclair makes an appearance. All I can say is thank goodness Dash and Elizabeth love her to bits.

This is the first novel I’ve read where the editor gets a publishing credit. How weird is that? For such a short story. So who actually writes the books? Which is a question I first asked when reading Kenyon’s Dark-hunter series which I have long since given up on.

Definitely recommended.

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